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Welcome To The Farm

Who We Are

We are a new organization in Lakeland Florida dedicated to two purposes, Animal welfare, and education. We operate a sanctuary for farm and exotic animals to live out their lives happily on our farm. Additionally, we are putting together educational programs for at-risk youth, and individuals with disabilities. These educational programs focused on developing animal care skills, environmental awareness, and general team building exercises. We believe that by caring for animals in our community, and the people in our community we can make the world a better place.

What We Do

Animal Rescue & Sanctuary

We are an animal rescue and sanctuary, that means we provide homes forever for the majority of the animals we rescue rather than adopt them out. We have a 5 ac farm in Lakeland Florida that our animals call home. We are still expanding the farm and hope to gain more land as time goes on so we can continue to provide loving homes to animals in need. 

Educational Programs

We are currently developing educational programs for disadvantaged youth, individuals with disabilities, local Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and general school groups. We believe the best way for people to learn to get them excited about things, and we use hands-on animal experiences to get people passionate about protecting our environment as well as farming and other technical trades.