Who We Are

Machado Farm Foundation of Lakeland, Florida is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to animal welfare and rescue. Since 2018 Machado Farm has become home to rescued mini-pigs, geese, and a number of reptiles. The farm works to serve and educate the greater community to create a better world for people and animals alike. 

What We Do

Our Mission: Help all Animals, Support our Community, Save the World.

Animal Rescue & Sanctuary

We are an animal rescue and sanctuary, which means we provide homes forever for the majority of the animals we rescue rather than adopt them out. We have a 5 ac farm in Lakeland Florida that our animals call home. We are still expanding the farm and hope to gain more land as time goes on so we can continue to provide loving homes to animals in need. 

Community Support

We believe in supporting our community in any way we can. We are in the process of developing educational programs for the children in our community as well as we are currently offering low cost, quality face masks in exchange for a small donation, as well as donating face masks to those in need in our community.


We are dedicated to not only being as environmentally responsible as an organization but educating others on how to be green.