We were recently contacted to help rescue a once wild pig named Tequila. Tequila was originally found in the woods and was bottled raised. Tequila quickly grew as pigs often do and became a bit much for their parents. Another concerned animal lover took tequila in to save her from being shot. Unfortunately, they were also unable to keep her long term so they contacted us at the farm to see if we could help!

Tequila in the Mud

After we got the call we set up a time to go out and get Tequila to bring her back to the farm. In our Rescue Ford Excursion, we set out to bring Tequila back to the farm. When we arrived Tequila was not wanting to go inside the crate for transport. We however knew her weakness, Oreo Cookies! (Let’s be honest they are my weakness too!) With the help of some chocolate snacks, we got Tequila into the crate and loaded up to be taken back to the farm where she can live happily with her new piggies friends!

When we got Tequila back to the farm she quickly settled in well in our female pig area. She is one of the larger females we have but quickly became friends with Peaches, Ruth, and the other pigs that call that area home. She is currently loving life with her new pig friends and we couldn’t be happier to have her. She is extremely friendly and we hope to one day be able to have her be one of our Animal Ambassadors we use to help educate people about these amazing animals.

Rescues like this are made possible because of our many supporters, we cannot thank you enough for helping us continue the work that we do and help as many animals as we can!

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