Last week a friend of ours shared with us a pig that had been up at the Halifax Humane Society for about a month, and they were struggling to place him. The Halifax Humane Society was not the best equipped for caring for pigs for that long of a time, so we reached out to see how we could help.

We arranged to make the drive up there on Saturday and have them transfer Bubbles the Pig to our sanctuary, and our weekend plans were set. That was until Friday night.

Friday, we discovered a pig that was in great need not too far from the farm, he only had three legs, and his current owner could no longer care for him. Based on some of the photos, we saw he was extremely underweight, so we need we had to act fast. We made plans to pick him up late Saturday afternoon, and our double rescue Saturday mission was in place.

We woke up early on Saturday, loaded up the car with all the supplies we needed, and made out way on the 2-hour drive to Daytona to get Bubbles. When we arrive, Bubbles greeted us so kindly! He was a great pig, and we knew he would love being on the farm with other pigs. We finished up the paperwork, loaded him up, and back to the farm we went.

Bubbles enjoying his new Home

When we got back to the farm, we unloaded Bubbles and cleaned out the travel crate and disinfected it for our second rescue of the day. Because Bubbles had been with another facility and seen by a vet, he didn’t need to be placed in full quarantine as he had already been checked out and given a clean bill of health. He immediately made friends with a few of our other resident pigs and has been happy ever since.

We then set off on the 30-minute drive to a small town near Tampa to save our second pig of the day. When we arrived, we were greeted by the neighbor who helped organize all of this, and she told us a little more about him. As the story goes, his leg was shot off by one of their neighbors, and the person who has him now helped him while his leg was healing. As time went on, she became unable to care for him, and that is when we were called in to help.

Lt. Dan checking into his Hospital Pen

We went over to the pen where he was being kept, and we got him loaded up and back to the farm as quickly as we could so we could start to give him care. When we saw him in person, we knew just how badly he needed a few good meals. So as soon as we got him home and into his Hospital Pen, we made a quick trip to Tractor Supply for a few specialty supplies and some specialty food to help get him back to weight.

That night we kept a close eye on him, and luckily he was doing well all things considered. He is eating well and drinking as he should. We are working on getting him some vet care and continuing to monitor him around the clock until he is back to full health. We are incredibly optimistic that he will make a full recovery as he is fighting hard. We will likely need to build him his pen due to his injury, but we will wait until he is fully recovered to make that call as we would love for him to be able to play with other piggies if he can do that safely.

If you would like to help Lt. Dan we have set up a fund to help with his care. Click Here to see that fundraiser.

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